Marble/Solid Surface/Casting

Marble/Solid Surface/Casting are used in: Marble / Solid Surface

Marble and casting resins deliver the strength, durability, and beauty for cultured marble, onyx and solid surface products.

Simulating the look of real stone, cultured marble and cast polymer surfaces provide an unlimited range of color options and design flexibility for residential kitchen and bath, hotels, hospitals and other commercial applications. The resins used in cultured marble and solid surface applications require color consistency, excellent air release properties, and good thermal shock properties in order to produce end products that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Fillers such as gypsum, calcium carbonate (limestone), kaolin (clay), alumina trihydrate, and color particles are added to resin to create a casting matrix that simulates the look and feel of real stone products.


  • AOC
  • INEOS Composites
  • Interplastic Corporation
  • Polynt Composites USA Inc.


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