Epoxy is a Common Composites Choice for High Performance in Major Industries

In composites manufacturing, epoxy resins are combined with fiber reinforcements, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, advanced fibers, and natural fibers, to create structural parts used in major markets and in the consumer goods and electronics products people use every day.

Epoxy resin composites are commonly and widely used in manufacturing applications because of their strength, durability, and lightweight, especially useful in demanding industries like Aerospace, Automotive, and Marine. Epoxy’s resistance to fatigue, chemicals, and corrosion is another great benefit, making products and parts that can resist extreme temperatures and long-term wear in harsh environments.

Using epoxy in production processes can increase efficiency with faster production times because of its design flexibility and reduced amounts of materials needed. It also improves fuel efficiency for applications in Aerospace, Automotive, and Marine.

Epoxy across market segments

Epoxy resins can increase performance across many industries and applications. Our composites experts can help manufacturing customers in all major industries and for all applications to select and utilize the composite materials and products that will achieve efficient and productive manufacturing results.

In marine, boat building and repair is a primary market for epoxy resin when it comes to composites applications. Epoxy resin-infused boat hulls are commonly created using closed molding process. The use of epoxy composite materials in marine manufacturing has changed the marine market by increasing product and structural quality, longevity, strength, and durability with less overall product weight.

Epoxies present equally exciting opportunities in automotive with rapid-cure properties that increase automotive production rates to meet production demands. Evolving versions of thermoset epoxies continue to improve production processes, with fast processing methods for thermoset composites including Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), High-Pressure RTM (HP-RTM), Wet Compression m=Molding, and Prepreg Compression Molding.

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