Facing the Harsh Elements of the Corrosion Industry with Durable Composite Materials

Materials used in the Corrosion industry are often exposed to harsh environmental elements that wear down the materials over time. Traditional materials such as metals and plastics are not able to withstand the high temperatures and direct exposure to chemicals for an extended amount of time, causing the corrosion industry to spend many hours maintaining and repairing equipment.

For this reason, the Corrosion industry has been steadily replacing traditional materials with composites, such as polyester and vinyl ester resins, to withstand the harsh elements of the industry. Metal structures, such as tanks, piping and chemical transportation, are being replaced by composite materials that are resistant to corrosion, thereby improving the life cycle of equipment.


Polyester and vinyl ester resins are corrosion-resistant composites

Polyester and vinyl ester resins are the backbone of the Corrosion industry. Commonly used because of the low cost and corrosion-resistant nature of these composites, polyester and vinyl ester resins are replacing metal piping and tanks throughout the corrosion industry.

Because the materials and equipment used in the Corrosion industry are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals and high temperatures, it is important for the composite materials that are replacing the traditional materials to be able to function in these conditions without losing strength or structural integrity. Resins such as polyester and vinyl ester are ideal in conditions exposed to long-term chemical attack as well as high temperatures because they are corrosion and heat resistant.


Composites One is the leading supplier of composites to the corrosion industry

Composites One is the leading supplier of composite materials in North America. We work closely with professionals in the corrosion industry to supply corrosion-resistant, durable composite materials that will withstand the harsh conditions associated with each project. If you are in the corrosion industry and you need to find composite materials that are corrosion and heat resistant, contact our technical specialists at Composites One today.