How recycling thermoplastics is in the future of composites in Canada

Composites are used in many different applications, from common home goods all the way to the aerospace industry. While some conditions require top performance from composite materials, others are not as demanding. In settings where heat is not a major issue, businesses may produce items using thermoplastics.

What are thermoplastics

Thermoplastics are a type of polymer resin that is used in multiple objects produced for Canadians. This includes plastic bottles, containers, toys, vehicle components and more.

Thermoplastics are popular in use because of their malleability. The molecules in thermoplastics form chains that intertwine to form a solid plastic object. Thermoplastics are held together by electrical bonds known as van der Waals forces. These bonds are easily softened under heat, which is what allows manufacturers to mold thermoplastics into a variety of shapes.

The benefits of using thermoplastics include:

  • They are easy to mold into a desired shape.
  • They are strong.
  • They do not shrink easily.
  • They are affordable.

Thermoplastics do have one main drawback, and that’s their lack of performance under heat. Since heat loosens the bonds in thermoplastics, they can bend, melt or break in high temperatures.

It is possible to reinforce thermoplastics with glass fibers for better strength and heat resistance, but this isn’t necessary in every setting where thermoplastics are used.

Why recycling thermoplastics is big now and in the future

The bonds formed in thermoplastics are not permanent. Therefore, when melted in heat, thermoplastics can be remolded multiple times to take on new forms. This means thermoplastics from all kinds of sources can be melted down and recycled for a variety of applications.

As Canada joins other leading nations in the world in reducing its carbon footprint, recycling thermoplastics will continue to grow in importance.

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