Reinforced Thermoplastics

Reinforced Thermoplastics are used in: Defense / Ballistics, Transportation

Reinforced thermoplastics provide solutions for high impact and complex applications.

Thermoplastic polymer resins are used to make the multitude of plastic items that surround us, including: Bottles, packaging containers, toys, appliances, electronics housings, automotive interiors and thousands of other products. The addition of a reinforcement fiber to a thermoplastic resin expands the applications of these resins into more demanding and extreme environments. Many thermoplastic applications use short discontinuous fibers for reinforcement, and there is a growing use of co-mingled glass fiber and thermoplastic fiber combined into tapes that are heat formed. These reinforced thermoplastics provide good impact strength and toughness and can be heat processed by vacuum forming or press molding.

reinforced thermoplastics in shipping
train with reinforced thermoplastics


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  • Polystrand, Inc.

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