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We want to be the one source for all manufacturing needs!

At Composites One we recognize that it takes more than a selection of the 500-plus raw materials that we distribute to guarantee the success of our customers’ business. We want to be the one source for all their manufacturing needs.

That is why we offer a complete line of tooling and processing supply products – more than 65,000 to be exact – that complement every manufacturing process. And because we are a composites distributor, the products we offer are right for the processes used each and every day. At Composites One a manufacturer will find access to all types of consumables from brushes to rollers – to safety equipment and protective clothing – to masking tape and abrasives…all in one place!

And, with the broad array of raw materials and supplies we offer, we can even bundle products together maximizing value and savings – maybe even making jobs easier in the process.

At Composites One, innovation is always at the forefront of everything we do and that transfers to the consumables we can provide. We even MROLineCard-1offer solutions geared toward today’s emerging markets like wind energy, closed molding, and advanced composites. It is always our goal to work to find the right solution for all process needs, including onsite inventory management.

In addition to the 65,000 products that manufacturers have access to, we are experts in the supply products that mean the most to composites fabricators. Products like abrasives, mold and mold preparation products, PPE, silicone/adhesives and tape are the key items that make it easier for any manufacturer to produce quality parts.

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