Tapes are used in: Marine, Wind Energy / Power

Tape is used throughout the composites production process, from masking tape to specialized tape products and packaging tape. The right tape for the job is both efficient and cost effective. For example, the appropriate fine line tape produces color line sharpness and provides clean removal helping composites manufacturers meet day-to-day quality expectations.

Tape products include masking, painters, fine line, double coated, filament, packaging, duct, leading edge, and VHB. Advanced adhesion tapes can be used for temporary bonds, or even in some cases permanent bonds allowing fast assembly of parts.

Composite Windmill
Composite boat
tape used in automotive

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Offers a full line of quality coated abrasives, a wide range of adhesive sealants, adhesives, personal protective equipment and tapes.

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IPG is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of Tapes and Films for industrial applications. From packaging to complex bonding and masking IPG “Surrounds Customers with Solutions!”.


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