Mold Products & Preparation

Mold care products are designed to help composite manufacturers meet tool maintenance requirements and are generally grouped in five categories: mold compounds, mold sealers, mold releases, mold polishes, and mold cleaners.

These products are used to maintain a glossy cosmetic tooling surface, seal the mold surface, provide the release of molded parts, and clean the mold surface. In addition are polishing tools including a variety of buffing pads and buffing equipment.

Mold release agents are a critical component of composites production. These products are available in many forms from basic wax to more sophisticated semi-permanent release agents. The selection of a mold release product is based on the type of tooling, type of materials being processed, and the specific production requirements. Available mold releases include: Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), a variety of wax-based materials, polymer-based release agents, and internal release agents mixed into the resin.

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Featured Suppliers

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc.

Offers water and solvent-based semi-permanent mold release systems and a variety of polymeric multi-pull release and sacrificial mold release products.


A global leader in the development of solutions for molding and casting process challenges.

TR Industries

Offers a wide range of mold care products including; paste waxes, liquid waxes, polishing compounds and semi-permanent mold releases.

Sika Advanced Resins

SikaAxson is the leading global supplier of advanced technologies in the tooling and composites sector.


  • AC Products
  • Arctek, Inc.
  • B&S Products Corporation
  • Cass Polymers
  • Finish Kare Products, Inc.
  • Hawkeye Industries Inc.
  • Meguiar’s, Inc.
  • Polytek
  • Rexco Chemical
  • Stoner Molding Solutions
  • Zyvax, Inc.

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