Personal Protective Equipment: Disposable Body Suit Benefits

There are many types of personal protective equipment available to workers in the composites industry. One of the most important and beneficial types of protective equipment for composite workers is disposable bodysuits.

Benefits that disposable bodysuit personal protective equipment offer

There are many types of personal protective equipment that can provide benefits for workers in the composites production industry. For workers who’ll be in direct contact with composite products as they’re being created, disposable bodysuits are especially beneficial. Some workers that can benefit from this form of protective equipment include workers who are involved in composite lamination and hand lay-up.

Disposable bodysuits provide several benefits for composite industry workers. For one thing, these suits prevent workers from having direct body contact with a variety of potentially harmful substances that are used to create composite products. Some of these substances include the resins, curing agents and solvents used in the majority of composite production processes. Many disposable bodysuit brands are designed with two layers, which ensures that workers won’t come in contact with harmful substances even if the first layer of the suit is damaged.

In addition to offering full-body protection from harmful substances and double-layer construction, disposable bodysuits have several other benefits for composite workers, including:

  • Eliminating daily bodysuit cleaning requirements
  • Lowering the risk of workers coming in contact with harmful substances on improperly cleaned bodysuits
  • Reducing the amount of time workers must spend maintaining and donning personal protective equipment

These benefits make disposable bodysuits a great addition to the personal protective equipment inventory of any composite production facility. However, the most significant benefit offered by this form of personal protective equipment is the increased safety it offers for the workers in the composites industry.

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