The Aerospace Industry in Canada has Access to Top Quality Advanced Composite Materials

Manufacturers in Canada can partner with the leading supplier of advanced composites and composite materials throughout North America — Composites One. Composites One previously acquired Canadian-based BMB Solutions Composites, a leading supplier of advanced composites to the Canadian aerospace industry and other industries in need of composites materials. This acquisition has allowed many Canadian-based companies access the top-quality composite materials supplied by Composites One.


Success rate of advanced composites in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry has turned toward advanced composite materials over the past several years. Advanced composites such as carbon fiber and epoxy are replacing traditional materials due to their increased strength and durability.

The technical specialists at Composites One have worked with a number of companies in the Aerospace industry to ensure that the advanced composite materials ordered match the specifications needed for the job. One of the reasons carbon fiber is a common choice for aerospace advanced composites is due to its high tensile strength and its ability to be tailored to fit the specific application. Epoxy resins hold the same flexibility.

The success rate of replacing traditional materials with advanced composites has proven effective. Recently, Airbus reported a 60% reduction in maintenance related to fatigue or corrosion for the A350 XWB since the implementation of composite materials. Many other manufacturers have experienced similar successes. With Composites One offering direct supply of advanced composites to Canada, Canadian-based aerospace companies can also experience a lower MRO cost and an improved aircraft life cycle.


Determine the best advanced composite materials for your next aerospace project

At Composites One, we offer only the highest quality advanced composite materials. Because of the quality of our products and our exceptional customer service and expertise, we have earned the reputation of the leading supplier of composite materials throughout North America. If you have questions regarding the advanced composites we offer, or you want to know about delivery options and process questions, contact our team of technical specialists today.