The Benefits of Composite Materials in Aerospace Applications

While the aerospace sector, in general, uses composite materials in an ever-growing number of applications, these materials are of particularly vital importance to space application projects such as exploration, carrying cargo and satellite deployment. 

Due to the unique issues of weight and temperature faced by spacecraft and their components, composites are one of the materials that will continue to see widespread use and development in this sector.

How Composite Materials Benefit Aerospace Applications

Space is an extremely unforgiving place, and the unique characteristics of this working environment are one of the reasons composite materials are the best choice for many space applications and their components.

One of the unique characteristics of this environment is that the materials from which spacecraft and satellites are constructed must be able to deal with temperatures ranging from absolute zero to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit.

Another prohibitive characteristic of the space environment is the extremely stringent weight considerations for space applications. In fact, weight is one of the primary concerns of all space applications because on average it costs about $10,000 per pound to put an object or person into space.

In spite of these challenges, composite materials are continuing to allow the space industry to make huge strides thanks to the many benefits of these materials. Some of the benefits that composite materials offer to the space industry include:

  • The extremely light weight of these materials
  • The Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio
  • The Excellent thermal resistance
  • The Superior resistance to corrosive fuels like liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen

Thanks to all of these benefits, composite materials will continue to make space applications such as satellites, rockets and scientific experiments and observations mechanisms more affordable and lightweight. 

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