The Marine Industry and Advanced Composites

According to Composites Manufacturing, “the marine industry has experienced a steady rise in the use of composites, especially high-performance materials. In addition to helping hulls be lighter and more damage-resistant, composites can be found in many more components of boats —from interior moldings to furniture on superyachts.”

Marine Life

Composite materials have traditionally been used in the marine industry for applications such as gratings, ducts, shafts, piping, and hulls. Manufacturers have long depended on their strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, among other characteristics. Now, with consistent and rapid advancements being made in composites product quality and manufacturing processes, new marine applications continue to evolve.

Boatbuilders are upgrading their manufacturing processes with the help of advanced composites like carbon fiberaramid and epoxy resins, that offer even further structural, design and performance advantages over more traditional composite products. Even racing powerboats and yachts are making greater waves by using hybrid composites in order to save weight and improve performance and safety in extreme marine conditions.

Everything You Need for Composites Production

Composites One works closely with marine manufacturers that are sourcing our composites to achieve improved strength and performance of their vessels. They’re also realizing the benefits of customization and flexibility that composite materials provide.

As marine manufacturers continue to seek ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs, Composites One will continue to provide the broadest range of products for marine construction through our extensive supply network, backed by our unmatched technical support, and regulatory assistance.

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