The Use of Epoxy is Extending the Life Cycle of the Infrastructure Industry

Professionals in the infrastructure industry must choose materials that have an extended life cycle in order to maintain the integrity of the structures they build. For many years now, composites have replaced traditional materials such as wood, steel and concrete because composite materials resist corrosion and deterioration over time. Therefore, structures have an extended life cycle, which dramatically cuts down the cost of repairs for the infrastructure industry. 

While many infrastructure projects use composite materials, there are still many buildings and bridges (as well as other structures) made from traditional materials that are in use today. As these structures begin to crack and deteriorate, sometimes the most cost-effective method is not to rebuild the structure, but to repair it using epoxy and other resins. 

Epoxy Resin Repairs Deteriorating Structures to Prolong Their Life Cycles

Epoxy is often used to seal and repair cracks in traditional materials like concrete in order to prolong the life cycle of various structures. For the Infrastructure industry, epoxy resin has become a cost-effective method of repair. Epoxy features a number of benefits, including a short cure time, flexibility and overall strength. This resin is also resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, making it ideal for the infrastructure industry as a repair solution. 

One of the most common methods of using epoxy to repair damaged concrete is called the injection method. This method can be used to repair cracks as small as two hundredths of an inch in width. In some cases, cracks that are six feet deep have been successfully filled and repaired with an epoxy solution. This pressure injection method fills the crack with epoxy resin and after 24-hours is fully repaired. The epoxy solution not only fills the cracks, but it also repairs the structural damage and adds strength to the overall structure. By using epoxy, the infrastructure industry can repair structures built from traditional methods and increase their lifespan. 

Composites One is the Leading Supplier of Epoxy and Other Composite Materials

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