Why helmet manufacturers need to be using carbon fiber

A long time ago, someone had the great idea of putting a round piece of metal on their head to protect their skull from harm. The helmet, as we know it, has come a long way since its inception. What was once a heavy and cumbersome, but necessary, piece of protective equipment, is now lighter and stronger. This is in thanks to composite materials like carbon fiber.

Benefits of using carbon fiber in helmets

People use helmets in many applications where safety is paramount. Whether it’s for fighting fires or riding a motorcycle, helmets need to be tough and versatile enough to let people do what they need to do while being safe. That’s why many helmet manufacturers choose to use carbon fiber in their helmets.

Carbon fiber offers many advantages for helmets, including:

  • It is strong The atoms in carbon fiber are aligned in such a way that they provide immense strength across a small surface area of material. Since the primary role of the helmet is to protect the skull from impact, it’s beneficial to use a material with such high strength.

  • It is durable The pattern of the weave in carbon fiber is designed to resist scratches and cracks. This means that carbon fiber helmets can last much longer than the standard helmet.  

  • It is light The alignment of the atoms in carbon fiber that gives it its strength is spread over a small surface area. This means that carbon fiber materials are more lightweight, not relying on thickness and extra layers for strength.

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