Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding

As part of its effort to produce lighter-weight vehicles, the automotive industry is seeking to incorporate more structural composite parts in new-generation designs. A key to cost-effectively mass-producing high-performance composite parts is the utilization of advanced resin systems and production processes.
Through several years of research, Huntsman recently introduced a rapid-cure ARALDITE® epoxy system formulated for use with a wet compression molding process known as Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding (DFCM). The process utilizes low-pressure injection, produces high-quality, voidfree parts, reduces cycle times to as low as one minute and eliminates the need for post-curing. The resin system exhibits excellent flowability yielding parts with fiber volume contents of more than 65% and virtually no porosity even on deep-draw and highly contoured designs.

DFCM White Paper