Owens Corning OptiSpray Rovings a Winning Solution for Regal Boats

Take Risk Out…Put Advantex® Glass In.
When selecting the glass roving suitable for a particular application, wet-out characteristics are critical.

Designed for spray-up processes in a variety of applications including spas, swimming pools, transportation, and marine, Owens Corning released its OptiSprayTM Solutions rovings in September 2012. OptiSprayTM Solutions provide optimum wetting for great surface quality and strong mechanical properties in a finished product. This family of products is made with Owens Corning’s patented Advantex® glass fiber, which combines the electrical and mechanical properties of traditional E-glass with the corrosion
resistance of EC-R glass.

This case study examines how a large boat manufacturer chose Owens Corning OptiSpray F gun roving, citing “how well the material retained its physical properties after being exposed to corrosive conditions.”

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