What Are the Benefits of Closed Mold Processes?

Closed molding offers many advantages to the manufacturer, but it all depends on what your needs are as to which process will offer the greatest advantages.  Some of the advantages of these processes are:

Vacuum Infusion

  • Low Volume Production
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Unlimited Part Size and Variability
  • Negative Draft Tooling
  • Flexible Laminate Schedules

Reusable Bag Molding

  • Low Tooling Costs; Existing Molds Can be Easily Converted
  • Low Consumables Equal Cost Savings
  • Reusable, Repairable Bags
  • Simple Touch Free Technology

Light RTM

  • Repeatability
  • Moderate Start-Up Costs
  • High Volume Capability
  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Capable of High Fill Loads
  • Capable of Class “A” Gel Coat Finish on Both Sides

It is important to note that all closed mold processes greatly reduce emissions, which is virtually at zero when using these methods to build parts.