What Can the Closed Mold Alliance Offer Manufacturers?

With experts in process, systems, and tooling, the Closed Mold Alliance provides a Road Map to Closed Mold.

Through the Alliance’s Closed Mold Workshops, we provide educational opportunities, on-site training, and all of the assistance needed to start using these processes! We offer lectures, hands-on learning, live demonstrations, forums, and advanced technique education.

Closed Mold University works with industry experts who offer their expertise on closed mold processes and the many benefits they provide the manufacturer. We will connect manufacturers with tooling experts who will help them decide if building their own tooling or outsourcing is best for their manufacturing needs.

Through these courses, attendees will learn the basics and details of three closed mold processes: vacuum infusion (VIP), light RTM, and reusable bag molding. They will also gain an understanding of the economics of closed mold conversion, as well as innovations in technologies as they develop.