Additives and Fillers

Additives and Fillers are used in: Construction, Infrastructure, Marble / Solid Surface

Additives and Fillers improve the performance of resin in certain applications and can enhance the surface cosmetics of finished parts.

Polyester resin additives can enhance fire-retardancy, reduce resin shrinkage, improve thermal stability and increase the weatherability of composites products. Fillers may also be added to resin to improve performance and enhance surface cosmetics while reducing cost.

Fillers and additives include fumed silica, alumina trihydrate, calcium carbonate, stearates, and glass, ceramic, or thermoplastic microspheres.

Also available are lightweight, solid surface, granite fillers and cultured marble fillers that enhance that are integral to manufacturing cast polymer products.

Additives & Fillers used in bathroom
Additives in kitchen applications
Additives & Fillers in counter top

Featured Suppliers


BYK is a leading provider of additives for coatings and plastics.

J.M. Huber Corporation

Offers a broad, high-performing line of alumina trihydrate (ATH) and ground calcium carbonate (GCC) products for thermoset composite applications.

R.J. Marshall Company

Supplying innovative, quality focused industrial raw materials for solid surface, cast polymer products and flame retardant solutions for the thermoset and thermoplastics industries.


  • ACS International, Inc.
  • Arcosa
  • Evonik Fumed Silica
  • Imerys Performance Materials
  • INEOS Titanium
  • OMYA, Inc.
  • Performance Minerals
  • Potters Industries, Inc.
  • Safas Corporation
  • Valtris Stearates

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