Gun Roving

Gun Roving is used in the spray-up (chopping) molding process and is the reinforcement of choice for high production open mold manufacturing.

Gun Roving (also known as continuous strand roving) is comprised of many small diameter fiberglass filaments that are combined to form a roving fiber bundle that is wound into a doff or a creel. In the spray-up process, the continuous roving strand is fed into a chopper gun that chops the strands into short lengths and deposits the fiber into a resin spray pattern for application on the mold surface. In this way, the wet-out glass laminate is created from the spray gun. The laminate is then rolled to remove entrapped air and the laminate cures. Gun Roving used in the chopping process provides fast production of larger parts like boat hulls, RV parts, and swimming pools and is the most common reinforcement used in open mold manufacturing.

gun roving in boat
gun roving in tank


  • CPIC
  • DARCO Southern
  • DAVLYN Manufacturing Co
  • Jushi USA
  • Owens Corning

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