Gel Coats & Pigments

Gel Coats & Pigments are used in: Consumer Recreation, Marble / Solid Surface, Marine, Transportation

Gel coats & pigments add color, increase durability and enhance the appearance of composites parts.

Gel coats are specialized polyester or vinyl ester resin formulations that are formulated as an in-mold coating to provide appealing cosmetics and protect the underlying laminate. Gel coat is typically sprayed in a mold and the structural laminate, or cast polymer matrix, applied behind the gel coat surface in either open molding or closed molding processes.

Gel coat can be clear or pigmented in virtually any color and when combined with the proper tooling surface produces glossy and vibrant finished part cosmetics. Isophthalic, ISO/NPG are standard base resins for gel coats, although many formulations are available. Specialty gel coats, such as clear and pearlescent provide a high-gloss with stain and abrasion resistant finishes to cultured marble, onyx, and other surfaces. Other gel coat products specifically for pattern work, building molds, fire retardancy, or food handling applications are also available.

Pigments can also be added for coloration of laminating resins where gel coat quality finishes are not required.

gel coats and pigments used in bowling balls
gels and pigments used in bus
gelcoat used in boat

Featured Suppliers


A major global supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants and synergistic systems for composites and cast polymers.

INEOS Composites

The global leader in unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins and gelcoats.

Polynt Composites USA Inc.

A world leader in the production and distribution of gel coats, composites resins and industrial cleaners.


  • American Colors, Inc.
  • Brocom Corporation
  • HK Research Corporation
  • Interplastic Corporation

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