Olefin Thermosets

Olefin thermoset resins have many applications but are most noted for use in highly demanding, harsh environments where high impact toughness is a critical success factor. These thermoset resins are designed to deliver the right combination of thermal and mechanical properties in an easy to process system. The ultra-low viscosity provides operational flexibility for achieving high filler loadings and the ability for infusing thick stacks while the wide curing range enables significant formulation flexibility and the ability to make larger parts. They offer excellent fatigue properties, low water absorption, exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance, defect-free thick castings and easy machining. Olefin thermosets provide outstanding wear & crack resistance and high temperature stability required for reliable performance, and are objectively tougher than epoxy. These resins are an excellent replacement for metals or other polymer solutions and enable faster cycle times, lighter weight, and reduced total cost of ownership compared to traditional injection or compression molding.

In more niche applications, for example, oil and gas, these resins deliver reliable and exceptional performance where the need for drill-ability and mud stability is critical to success, along with the avoidance of pipe buckling under heavy loads. They are also excellent in thermal insulation applications.

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  • DARCO Southern
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