Continuous Filament Mat

Continuous Filament Mat (CFM) is a reinforcing mat composed of continuous fiber strands that are spun to produce a random fiber orientation and bulk for closed molding applications.

Continuous Filament Mat (also known as continuous strand mat), is a randomly orientated fiber that differs from chopped strand mat because of continuous long fibers rather than short chopped fibers. Continuous filament mat is produced by dispensing molten glass strands directly onto a moving belt in a looping fashion. As the glass fiber cools and hardens and a binder is applied to hold the filaments in place. The mat is then trimmed and rolled. Continuous filament mat is most commonly used in closed molding applications such as, vacuum infusion processing, resin transfer molding, cold molding, and compression molding. With properties similar to those of chopped strand mat, the bulk nature of CFM is advantageous in filling the mold cavity in closed molding processes.

continuous filament mat in semi truck


  • DARCO Southern
  • DAVLYN Manufacturing Co
  • Owens Corning
  • Superior Huntingdon Composites

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