The only core material that comes from natural and renewable resources, balsa offers many advantages in the manufacture of composite parts.

Balsa trees are fast growing and are harvested from well-managed plantations located close to the Equator. Balsa’s honeycomb-like cell structure, configured into end-grain panels, provide optimal properties including high compressive, flexural and shear strength along with stiffness. Balsa is a cost effective, natural material that is produced in a variety of densities that can be tailored to specific applications. In tessellated form, that is small blocks held together by a scrim, balsa core can easily conform to mold contours. It is widely used in the production of boats, wind turbine blades, transportation, and structural composite panels.

Balsa used in RV


  • 3A Composites AirexBaltek
  • CoreLite Composites
  • DIAB Group
  • Gurit
  • I-Core Composites, LLC

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