Single End Roving

Single End Roving are used in: Construction, Infrastructure

Single-end roving is the primary reinforcement for filament winding and pultrusion applications and is the input fiber used to produce woven roving and knitted fabrics.

Single-end continuous rovings are produced by pulling glass fibers directly from the furnace bushing, applying sizing to the cooling fibers, and winding them into a roving package or doff. Because of its excellent dry tensile strength, single-end rovings are ideal for high glass content applications like pultrusion and filament winding. Because the fiber is used as input for woven roving and knitted fabrics, single-end rovings are also widely use in open mold and infusion applications when configured into fabrics.

single end roving in tank


  • CPIC
  • Jushi USA
  • Owens Corning

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