Ortho, Iso, DCPD

Ortho, Iso, DCPD are used in: Construction, Industrial / Corrosion, Marine, Transportation

Orthophthalic (Ortho), Isophthalic (Iso) and Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) based resins are the most widely used resins for composites molding.

Ortho resins offer a cost/performance benefit with good mechanical properties and secondary bonding characteristics. Iso resins provide improved chemical, heat, and moisture resistance as well as higher tensile properties. DCPD can be used as the primary base of a resin formulation or be blended with Ortho or Iso resins to enhance properties. Ortho, DCPD and Ortho/DCPD blends are also referred to as General Purpose (GP) resins because of the variety of applications in which they can be used. DCPD or Ortho/DCPD blends have become increasingly popular in open molding because the DCPD component helps create a better cosmetic finish with less print-through and distortion on finished parts. The use of DCPD in resin formulations also allows resin producers to reduce styrene levels even as low as 30% thus reducing styrene emissions for manufacturers.


  • AOC
  • DARCO Southern
  • DAVLYN Manufacturing Co
  • INEOS Composites
  • Interplastic Corporation
  • Polynt Composites USA Inc.

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