Initiators/Promoters/Inhibitors are used in: Aerospace, Construction, Marble / Solid Surface, Marine, Transportation, Wind Energy / Power

Initiators, catalysts, and inhibitors are used to initiate and control the cross linking process that cures a thermoset resin.

Initiators, commonly called catalysts, are used to produce the curing (molecular cross-linking) process with thermoset resins. Various formulations of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) and benzoyl peroxide (BPO) are used across a wide range of room temperature curing molding applications. Other initiator formulations are available that are heat activated or produce specific curing characteristics.

Promoters are added to resin formulations to produce the curing reaction and control cure times within desired parameters. Specific promoters are used to react with particular initiators and include, cobalt naphthenate, cobalt octoate, dimethylaniline (DMA), or diethylaniline (DEA).

Inhibitors are added to polyester and vinyl ester resins by the manufacturer, but are occasionally modified by the user to produce specific gel times or curing characteristics. Hydroquinone and tertiary butyl catechol (TBC) are the most common inhibitors used in resin formulations.

initiators and catalysts used in sink
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