Core Materials

Core Materials are used in: Aerospace, Marine, Transportation, Wind Energy / Power

Core materials with composites skins create a “sandwich” structure laminate with high stiffness and low weight.

Core materials are produced in a variety of forms including end-grain balsa wood, PVC foam, urethane foam, non-woven core fabrics, and various types of honeycomb materials. These lightweight materials are bonded between two composite skins and serve as the central member of what is referred to as “a sandwich structure”. The introduction of a core in a laminate increases the section modulus, resulting in significant increases in stiffness and the ability to create lightweight structures. Sandwich structures produce a continuous I-beam like effect where the composite skins carry the load and the core material maintains the orientation of the skins. Core materials are widely used to produce strong, stiff and lightweight structures for high performance products.

core materials used in boating
core materials used in recreational vehicle
Core Materials used in Wind Blade

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