Woven Roving

Woven Roving is used in laminating open mold fiberglass parts where strength and laminate bulk is required.

Woven Roving is single-end roving in thick fiber bundles that are woven in a 00/900 (warp and weft) orientation much like standard textiles on a weaving loom. This material is a staple of open mold applications commonly used in conjunction with chopped strand mat or gun roving. It is produced in a variety of weights and widths and can be balanced with the same number of rovings in each direction or unbalanced with more rovings in one direction. Other fibers like carbon or aramid can also be produced in a this form and fibers can be mixed into hybrid reinforcements. Woven roving is very drapable and conforms to complex shapes.

woven roving in truck panel
woven roving in automobile


  • CPIC
  • DARCO Southern
  • DAVLYN Manufacturing Co
  • Jushi USA
  • Owens Corning
  • Parabeam

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