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Modeling / Tooling Boards 

With over 60 years of experience, SikaAxson is the world’s leading provider and developer of high-performance resins, boards and pastes for model and mould making. SikaAxson offers customized solutions for the composites industry – from the model to the shape and finished parts up to the fitting structural adhesive

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Modeling Boards – Polyurethane

Labelite 8GY, 15IY, 25YW, 350E, 45PK

Large Dimensional Models, Prototypes, Design Models, Painted Embossed Signs, Sculptures, Tool-Path Checking, Extrudable Paste Mandrel, and Low Series Foundry Patterns


Patterns, Mock-Ups, Prototypes, and Masters


Master Models, Plugs, Mock-Ups, Prototypes, and

Prototype Foundry Patterns

Tooling Boards – Epoxy

Lab 974 NEW

Masters for Prepregs or Heat Curing Composites,

Short Run Vacuum Forming Molds

Tooling Boards – Polyurethane

DP-1051 (Die Plank®)

CMM Checking and Fixtures for Production Part Assemblies/Nesting Use, Vacuum and Thermoforming

PP-1052 (Pattern Plank®)

Production Tooling for Medium Volume Foundry Patterns, Core Boxes, Gating and Risers, Prototyping Metal, Stretch & Vacuum Forming

Lab 1000* (Special Order Only)

Stamping and Thermoforming Tools

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